Heal & Thrive without the Crash & Burn

The Summer Sessions

The 5 week, live online, energy healing and oils group coaching experience.

A powerful way to create the calm confidence and the space that you need to show up in your life, your business, and with your clients, by getting to the root cause of your emotional triggers, especially those around cancer, or major health crisis.

This is a super supportive held space that is for you if you have experienced cancer personally or not, have experienced others going through this journey, or want to support others on theirs, in a deep and meaningful way.

This personally led online programme will help you connect to you, heal the root cause of the triggers that limit you and hold you back so you can continue to live life to the full , run a business if you have one, while supporting yourself and those around you on a deeper level , WITHOUT burning out.

DOORS CLOSE July 19th @ 9PM

Early bird ends July 14th @9pm

Calling all holistic therapists, 

oil guides, and wellness practitioners

You are here to make an impact on the lives of your clients and it is your time to step into what you are here to do because the world needs you more than ever right now -especially a world where cancer diagnosis' are rising.

All of your clients need more of you, life needs more of you -  this course enables you to have the impact you are here to give - without giving it all ...

We have been in a period of unchartered waters, everyone is feeling the fall out -there are more people, and less resources.

I see you holding people, holding clients, your family and holding your business.

You've been left exhausted, overwhelmed, and just need to find the space to breathe- but also to find your own calm in others storms- not be triggered by them.


Why not just carry on?


Because you came here to do more and mean more to this world, and you can't connect to and support others the way they need you to if you are burned out.


I know. I was you, and I nearly lost it all.

I was you. I see you.

I know it's hard to admit you don't always feel super confident- I see you.

I also see that clients with cancer need more support wrapped around them, and that you hesitate,

sometimes unknowingly, and your refer them to someone else, without realising why.

I get it.

It’s time to make changes so that you do feel calm and confident around clients with cancer,

to heal your own experiences, buried emotional trauma, powerfully, deeply and continually from an energetic perspective with my guidance and so that you are empowered to continue to support yourself with these incredible methods that I am here to teach you- and pass this forward to others.

You CAN make a difference.  Right now- to your home, yourself , family and clients- on an energetic level that also connects emotionally, mentally and physically.

You will complete the course and the 5 weeks of support feeling empowered and uplifted- but also more whole and with more self awareness that you knew possible.

You are searching for something.

More space, More confidence,

More impact, More energy, More time.

I see you.

It’s time to take a deep breath, and dive in.

You can change lives with the support you provide, you can also spend time with your family, you can find balance, calm your mind and get off the emotional rollercoaster...

Everything is energy- it's time to work on yours, your experiences, your history,  it's time to heal, so that you can thrive without the crash and burn...

It's time to understand where the blocks that impact your behaviours originated- to resolve, integrate and move forwards- finally.

This is not like any other energetic modality- this is an incredible blend of  energy work and empowering self discovery,    infused with powerful essential oils support that combines into a unique and powerful tool- for you, your family and your clients.

You are in the right place if ...

  • You want to learn more about supporting others with cancer, and feel more confident

  • You know there are experiences or words or people that trigger you- time after time

  • You are ready to invest in you so that you can move forwards. Mind, body, heart & soul.

  • You know it's time to discover the root cause of limiting beliefs, being afraid to speak up, or show up - time to look back and heal those experiences.

Imagine if...

  • You could wake up tomorrow feeling super inspired and knowing you have the capacity to change a life today

  • Your home felt new, balanced and refreshed, along with those in it... every day..

  • Your family could benefit from what you are about to learn

  • Those emotional triggers that kept you at arms length from your family and clients especially those with cancer, weren’t an issue any more

  • You didn't have to sacrifice your wellbeing to serve others, support your family and grow your business

It get's to be different, when you choose it

I know you have made decisions and are making decisions in your business to stay small because it feels safer. You may not realise you are doing it, and it is not your fault.

It goes beyond the here and now. Everything that we experience today is connected to beliefs we learnt as a child. Connected to our experiences- especially those around loss, grief, speaking up, trying to help, proving your worth, and of course cancer.

Limiting blocks and beliefs built over time that, despite working on them, can still stop you from fully stepping into who you are here to be. 

You are keeping yourself small because you can keep yourself safe there in that space, in comfort. 

I know this, because that was me.

Before I learned how to overcome it all,

and to change the story.

Your dreams aren't small

Once, they were big and beautiful and colourful and loud so that everyone who they would help, would see, hear and feel them.

That dream of making an impact in peoples lives, training to change the world

one body or mind at a time.

It's why you started doing what you are doing.

The thing is cancer is all around us, how can you support those that need you don't feel good enough, or it fills you will dread?

Staying safe and small doesn't lead to life changing help and support- it leads to feeling lost, out at sea where big waves rise and overwhelm you. Where feelings of fear of rejection, and shame are.

I know you. And I can help you find safe harbour and a safe space to be held and to grow.

It's time to look back to move forwards 

Heal and Thrive without the Crash and Burn is the energetic roadmap to ensure you don't stay all at sea, or on the emotional rollercoaster- but find your way back to you,  to peace, confidence, clarity and back to those you care for, Back to the clients that need you now more than ever. Especially those that haven't even found you yet.

Heal & Thrive without the Crash & Burn

This Programme will...

Take you from feeling triggered by events, words and people , cancer related or not, and off the emotional rollercoaster, to calm and content.

Move from lost, overwhelmed, fading confidence to fully appreciating the energy around you and in you.

Reconnect to you - once you determine who you are now, stripped back of expectation, old beliefs and knowing what is true to you - and what matters. 

Give you a blueprint to work with every day,  an energy practice that can be seen and felt by those around you and those you are here to support -  You are an incredible source of energy that they need to heal.

This is where you find your true self- the one who can share her worth, her business, be confident, be seen and heard.

The doubts

I see the doubts bubbling up. Money. Time.

Cancer? Do I really need this?

Can't it be someone else's job?

But what is really underneath that? 

Perhaps it means owning up to the fact that things aren’t going to plan. That you will be admitting that you are overwhelmed and that you are not, in fact, super woman (who knew!).

Perhaps it’s the belief that you don’t know what triggers you, or that you do and want to leave it buried.

Or that you can't have that much of an impact. Or the doubt in your ability.

The guilt of charging people for your work. The fear of being seen, speaking up, showing up or that stopping and looking will uncover more than you realised. 

Perhaps it can be someone else's job to look after your clients that now have cancer, or those that would otherwise have reached out to you- but what happens when your clients wants it to be you because it's you they trust, or everyone else is already fully booked? Are you good enough? do you know enough?

This time is coming, they need you.

All of this ^^^ is normal.

Normal fears. But there will be roots to them all. And inside of this programme we get to heal those roots using a unique coaching method of HEAL & THRIVE, working through the 7 cycles of life. This is incredibly powerful, blended beautifully with the energetics of oils, embodiment practices and full support from me.

Who am I to teach this?

I am Rachel CK of Essentially Rachel UK.

I help you to be well and stay well so that you can show up and do what you were called here to do..

I am an empowerment and transformation coach who specialises in guiding holistic therapists in supporting others on a cancer journey- because I know how needed you are, and I know the incredible impact you can have.

I am a qualified HEAL and THRIVE energy practitioner and coach- because this method, along with powerful essential oil support helped change and save my life, and it will help change yours too.

I am really clear in my mission, message passion and purpose - however I also believe we as coaches and therapist sometimes need to admit, we need support too.

You are a work in progress and before we can start to support or guide the healing in  others. We have to be open and prepared to really dive deep into the healing in ourselves energetically - mind, body, soul & heart.

I have been a natural lifestyle coach and specialist essential oils guide for 7 years. The last 3 have been used to empower holistic therapists and coaches in the wellness arena in understanding their true power in changing and, yes,  saving lives,  after my own experiences of working with therapists that played such a vital role in mine after my breast cancer diagnosis.

The past three years have also been spent practicing in and training in the energy method used with me during my treatment and beyond, It was so powerful I knew I had to pass this incredible gift onwards... this is the first step, to empower you to practice this exact method yourself.

This programme is not cancer specific - it's emotional trauma specific, it’s energy specific, freedom specific-  and my journey to here started with exactly that.

There were a number of facets to my healing,  essential oils and Energy work being an incredible and powerful part, but among the research, and implementation during my recovery, there was something else. An understanding and appreciation of buried emotional trauma having a physical impact on the body. There came a way of working with the root cause of trauma that changed everything. 

This programme is the result of the implementation of all of these facets in my own life, training to coach them and combining them with 6 years of study of the physical, emotional and energetic benefits of essential oils as a support to being well and staying well.

I was instructed not to use ANY holistic therapy following my diagnosis and effectively disempowered by being told there was nothing I could possibly do about my cancer diagnosis. 

I believe every woman has the right to choose how she heals. Disempowering holistic therapists in these times is not something I am allowing to happen. Disempowering those struggling with their wellbeing on any level is not ok either.

My mission was to ensure your impact in this world is felt. 

Without the support I had and the natural solutions I used, I doubt I would be here. I have spent the last 3 years training in coaching the very method that was used to support me during my illness, in order to ensure others can benefit from it too. This is the same method I used in my recovery, that I used to continue to support my own clients after the wheels came off and I nearly stopped it all.

Now it's my turn to ensure that you find your place in this very new unsettled world because I understand the power you possess and the impact you can have.

Your Investment

This programme is worth £2397 with all of it's incredible content, the support provided and the impact of transformation it brings to your world.

However this is not the cost to you.

I believe in making this work attainable to everybody.

Your investment is just £997

Early bird until June 30th is £797

AND  to make this easier -  payment plans are available.

However- if you choose to pay in full you receive a beautiful gift box and 2 60 minute one to ones with me to support you on a deeper level during the programme or after.

We meet weekly, on zoom for 5 weeks.

These are 2 hour sessions allowing space to share and be heard.

I share powerful energy healing techniques, alongside the Heal and Thrive blueprints and theory- that will blow your mind!

There is a fully secure member area for lifetime access and facebook group support

We start first Weds in August, It's time..

All sessions are available on replay in a super accessible member area.

You are about to make the most impactful decision of 2023 for your sense of space, capacity and freedom...

If you'd like to have a chat about if this is right for you, please email me to arrange...

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